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Activities & Sights

Here are a few of the many activities and sites located within driving distance of Au Moulin 1771:
GOLF - all year round
Pau Golf Club 1856 (18 holes)
The oldest club in continental Europe
20 km
Golf Blue Green Pau Artiguelouve (18 holes)
15 km
Oloron Golf Club Les Vallees (9 holes)
12 km
33 km
La Pierre Saint Martin
42 km
The mill is situated within the Jurançon wine region, providing many local wineries that offer tours and tastings.

e.g. Château Lafitte, Monein
4 km
Placed in the heart of the Jurançon wine region lies the quainc little town of Monein, on the outskirts of which our historic water mill is located. The narrow streets and alleyways invite visitors to amble along them and to admire the authentic French architecture. The various cafés and traditional restaurants provide a perfect atmosphere for escaping everyday stress and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region. Monein does not only offer a peaceful atmosphere, but also provides its visitors with a full range of amenities: from butchers and bakers offering regional delicacies, a launderette and supermarkets catering to your basic needs, through to a modern medical centre. Having been built in the 16th century, the local church of Saint-Giron is now a landmarked building, featuring a spectacular hammer-beam roof in the gothic magisterial manner of Renaissance architecture.
13 km
Once, during the period of the kingdom of Navarra (824- 1512 AD) which spanned the western Pyrenees, the fortress of Navarrenx was an important military stronghold, keeping watch, high above the river Grave d´Orlon. Today, the castle´s gate (Saint Antoine), its magazine, its armoury, its brickwork and a number of pompous gothic buildings, are completely preserved, contributing towards a medieval atmosphere, with an impressive panoramic view over the surrounding area perfecting the ambience. In the beautiful little alleyways, several crafts shops are waiting to be explored.
30 km
Gaining height in the south, the Pyrenees, viewed from Pau, offer an exceptional panoramic treat for the eye. Visiting Pau, the capital of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Département in the region of Aquitaine, one can enjoy the traditional gastronomic specialities Bérnese and Palois before experiencing the town´s animated nightlife. Thus, Southwest Aquitaine's hilly landscape is perfect for hiking.
47 km
In the middle of the Pyrenees national park - situated in the valley Valee d´ Ossau - lies the picturesque mountain village of Laruns. With its historic mountain railway, the Le Pêtit Train d´Artouste is a popular destination among enthusiasts of engineering and of nature: the train takes its passengers to a height of 700 meters and offers a spectacular view over the spring of the Gave d´Ossau and the mountain lake Lac d´Artouse - a perfect opportunity to experience a mountain tour of the Pyrenees without having to go on an exhausting hike.
52 km
The slightly remote village of Borce blooms with a fantastic mountain scenery and with a further, rather unusual, tourist attraction: a wildlife park which provides injured and outcast animals a new home. The big stars of the park are clearly the bears, but also other animals such as marmots, wild boars and indigenous lizards can be observed at close range. The park´s beautiful surroundings are perfect for enjoying a picnic on the grass.
65 km
Here, one does not go up a mountain, but travels deep inside its core: the cave La Verna is 253 meters long, 220 meters wide and 193 meters high. Most caves of this size are only accessible to experienced cave explorers, but this one is an exception - tour guides will take you on an adventure through a fascinating subterranean world and, eventually, bring you back up to the surface safely.
72 km
With its famous spring, which is said to have healing powers by believers, this pilgrimage destination attracts countless pilgrims every year. The spring was discovered in 1858 by the sainted sister Bernadette Soubrious during a Marian apparition in the Grotto of Masabielle. For those who do not believe in the spring´s wondrous curative effects, Lourdes provides architectural marvels: the three churches within this area thought to be sacred (sites des sanctuaires) and the castle are worth the trip.
114 km
The advancement of Biarritz from a small fishermen´s village to a flourishing town of tourism began with the Empress Eugenie in the mid 19th century: in order to spend a splendid holiday in France, the last French monarch built a beautiful residence, the Hôtel du Palais. The gorgeous contemporary townscape of Biarritz is characterised by the architectural style of historicism and has its origin in the years following the construction of the noble holiday home. Furthermore, besides this town having emerged into a surfers´ paradise located directly on the Basque coast, it provides its visitors with its famous casino, should they feel like it´s their lucky day.
San Sebastián
152 km
The European Capital of Culture 2016 attracts an athletic audience which rides the impressive waves with their surfboards - but San Sebastián also knows how to indulge visitors in search of a restful, yet interesting and culinary adventure. With its excellent Basque cuisine, its diverse cultural programme and its seemingly endless beach, San Sebastián appeals to all the senses. Located only 20 km from the French boarder, this authentic Spanish town has been becharming its international guests since the Middle Ages.